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2023-2024 University Catalog & Student Handbook 
2023-2024 University Catalog & Student Handbook

Student Accounts


Tuition and fee information for each program is linked below: 

Payment Information

Tuition and fees are due and payable in full before the first day of class for each term unless the student has an approved tuition payment plan, third-party payment, or accepted financial aid sufficient to cover the balance due.

Payments must be received by the Office of Student Accounts no later than the end of business on the specified due date. Students with an unpaid balance (including accepted financial aid) may be subject to late fees.

Payment can be submitted in one or more of the following ways:

  • Online: Enrolled students are strongly encouraged to pay tuition and fees online through Workday.
  • Mail: Please be sure to include name and student ID on check or money order payments.

Kansas City University
Attn: Office of Student Accounts
1750 Independence Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64106

  • Payment Plan: KCU offers a four-month payment plan at a flat rate of $100 per plan. This fee is added to the payment plan eligible balance. Students are eligible to self-enroll in a payment plan once charges have been assessed. An installment breakdown is provided at the time of sign up. The first installment payment is due prior to the first day of class.  Failure to make the first payment by the tuition due date and/or failure to make the final payment by the date specified in the payment plan may result in a late fee or a hold being applied to the account.

Past Due Balances, Late Fees, and Holds

Tuition and fees are due and payable prior to the first day of the term, unless the student has an approved tuition payment plan, third-party payment or accepted financial aid sufficient to cover the balance due. Students with past due balances will be assessed a late fee of $150.

Past due accounts are subject to holds from the Office of Student Accounts that may result in loss of account access and ineligibility for future enrollment.

Returned Payments

Should KCU be notified by its banking institution that a payment has been returned for any reason, the original payment will be reversed and a $30 returned payment fee will be added to the student’s account. If the reversal of the receipt or returned payment fee causes the account to be past due, normal account collection procedures will apply.

Students are notified via email regarding returned payments and associated charges. This notification will include instructions on how to repay the amount due plus the fee.

If an account reflects a history or several returned payments, KCU will first work with the student to identify the issue. If the matter remains unresolved, KCU may revoke the right for the student to pay via check or e-check (ACH).


The KCU Office of Student Accounts will communicate charges, payments and other important notices to students via their KCU email. Students are expected to check their email account regularly to ensure important information is not overlooked.

Refund Policies

Program Withdrawal Policy

Any student wishing to withdraw from all courses and leave the University must follow the process as outlined in Student Withdrawal from the University .

All academic records will be on hold until the process is completed and all financial obligations satisfied.

Tuition & Fee Refund Policy

Tuition and mandatory fees are assessed each academic period. Mandatory fees are not eligible for refund after the start of classes.

Students may be eligible for tuition refunds based on the effective date of separation.

If the separation effective date is on or before the program-specific drop deadline, the student will receive a full charge adjustment on eligible tuition charges.

Students separating from the University after the program-specific drop deadline, but prior to completing 60 percent of the academic period, may receive a tuition charge adjustment. Charge adjustments are based on the percentage of period completed. Students completing 60 percent or more of the academic period are not eligible for tuition charge adjustments.

Students enrolling in intersession courses are eligible for charge adjustments based upon the effective date of the separation. If the effective separation date is on or before the first day of the course, the student is eligible for a full charge adjustment. If the effective separation date is the second or third calendar day of the course, the student will receive a 50 percent charge adjustment. If the effective separation date is after the third calendar date, the student will not receive a charge adjustment.

KCU scholarships are not eligible for a refund and are not prorated based on percent of completion. 

Students with an outstanding balance after separation are subject to Outstanding Balance Holds. Outstanding balance holds prevent students from receiving academic records.

Published Drop Deadlines:

Title IV Institutional Refund & Return to Title IV Policy

The Title IV Institutional Refund & Return to Title IV Policy  applies to all students who have utilized federal Title IV funding and, on or after the first day of the term, withdraw, stop attending all classes, go on an approved leave of absence, or are suspended, or dismissed from the University during a term; students are advised to review the policy on the Student Financial Aid section prior to separating from the University.

Finance Appeals Committee

Students wishing to appeal any charges to their student account, the amount of their refund, or any matters having to do with their student account with the Office of Student Accounts may request to submit an appeal to the Finance Appeals Committee (FAC). The FAC is a staff-led committee that includes representation from the offices of Financial Aid, Finance, Registrar and Student Services.

Students must notify the University of their desire to have a matter reviewed by emailing their appeal to studentaccounts@kansascity.edu.

The FAC reserves the right to meet with the appealing student, but does not necessarily meet with every student. Once reviewed, the committee will provide the student with a written ruling on their decision.

Visiting Students

Visiting students are individuals enrolled in KCU course(s) through established agreements between KCU and various institutions. Visiting students are charged a per-credit-hour rate established for each respective program.

Tuition Rates by program:

 If you are categorized as a visiting student you will not be considered for federal financial aid programs.