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2021-2022 University Catalog & Student Handbook 
2021-2022 University Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Joplin Campus

Security & Safety on Campus

KCU has instituted certain security measures for student safety, including the utilization of a card access system for all building entrances. Students are encouraged to remain alert and cautious when on campus, keep personal items out of sight and to keep their vehicles locked.

KCU-Joplin campus security operates from 7:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, except holidays, using their identification/access card. Security officers patrol both the interior and exterior of campus to prevent and deter crime. They are readily available to help in emergencies, provide security escorts and render assistance to motorists. The department also enforces parking regulations and serves as the repository for lost and found items.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are strategically placed on campus and include mobile devices carried by security officers. The SEM department is charged with maintenance and care of the defibrillators.

Annual Security Report

In compliance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Education, SEM publishes an annual security report and distributes the document to all students, faculty and staff. The Campus Security Act requires all colleges and universities to:

  • Publish an annual report by Oct. 1 that contains three years of campus crime statistics and certain campus security policy statements.
  • Disclose crime statistics for the campus, public areas immediately adjacent to or running through the campus, and certain non-campus facilities and remote classrooms.
  • The statistics must be gathered from campus security, local law enforcement and other university officials who have “significant responsibility for students and campus activities.”
  • Provide “timely warning” notices of those crimes that have occurred and pose an ongoing “threat to students and employees.”
  • Disclose in a public crime log “any crime that occurred on campus or within the patrol jurisdiction of University security and is reported to University security.” This log is available upon request in the SEM office.

Emergency Plan

Procedures for emergencies are detailed on SEM page of both the KCU intranet and the University’s external website. The list of KCU emergency plans are available on the KCU Safety App.

KCU has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to University emails, personal emails and/or cell phones. In the event of an emergency on or near campus that may endanger the University population, KCU’s SEM department will send communication through one or more of the mechanisms identified above.

All emergencies on the campus should be reported immediately by dialing 417.208.0800. Upon notification of an emergency, the security officer on duty will respond to the scene to confirm that emergency or disaster conditions exist. If needed, a follow-up call will be made to emergency responders via 911 to assure the response and give directions needed. The security officer will, as soon as practical, contact the manager of SEM or the next highest-ranking SEM official.

All students must provide their cellular phone number to the Office of the Registrar. This can be done via PowerCampus Self-Service. These phone numbers must be kept current at all times for emergency contact.

AED Locations

  • Reception Area: First floor main entry area, northwest corner of building on the column to the east of the reception desk.
  • Office of Safety & Emergency Management: First floor, northwest corner of main dining area.
  • Standardized Patient Area Hallway: On the south wall, east side of the double entry/exit doors located between the two southern wings.
  • Safety Patrol Vehicle: The SEM patrol vehicle is equipped with an AED.
  • Second Floor Main Hallway: On east wall by elevator and faculty wing.

First Aid Kit Locations

  • SEM office
  • SEM patrol vehicle

Code Blue Emergency Poles & Call Boxes

Emergency blue-light “code blue” poles and boxes are available in the student parking lot and throughout the entire campus area. The student parking lot is located on the north side of the main campus building. These two-way call boxes allow individuals to speak directly to the on-duty emergency campus dispatcher in the event of an emergency.

Fire Exits & Extinguishers

Fire exits and fire extinguishers are located throughout the building. If evacuation of the building becomes necessary, please use the stairways. Elevators should not be used under any circumstances. Tampering with fire alarms or fire-prevention equipment is forbidden and may result in dismissal.

Emergency Communications

KCU provides three methods of communications to security and emergency personnel.

  • The SEM campus dispatcher may be reached from any phone on campus by dialing ext. 0800 and off-campus or by cell phone at 417.208.0800. Students are asked to pre-program or “speed dial” this number into cell phones for quick dialing.
  • Code blue emergency poles and boxes have been installed outdoors in strategic locations around campus. A simple push of the emergency button connects the caller with the dispatcher and alerts the dispatcher that the call is an emergency.
  • Students are encouraged to download the KCU Safety App. The free iPhone and Android phone application enables the University to extend the reach of our emergency blue-light phones on campus by putting a virtual emergency phone on personal smartphones carried by those within the KCU community. Other highlights of the KCU Safety App include:
    • Virtual walkhome
    • Report a tip
    • Emergency plans
    • All campus maps
    • Friend walk
    • Other safety resources

KCU Safety App set-up instructions can be found on the SEM page.

Timely Warnings & Crime Alerts

In the event that a situation arises, either on- or off-campus, that, in the judgment of the security officers, constitutes a serious or continuing threat, a campus-wide “timely warning” will be issued.

If circumstances warrant, timely warnings or crime alerts are prepared and sent throughout the University via Rave Mobile Safety mass texting notifications, campus-wide emails and posted notices in campus buildings.

Security Escorts

SEM offers an on-campus service for students to provide a security escort. This service is available year-round during the normal business hours of 6:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. Patrol officers will walk students to buildings and/or vehicles parked in and around University lots. Those interested in a security escort should contact the security dispatch desk at 417.208.0800, ext. 0800 on campus.

Identification/Building Access Cards

For your safety, KCU-Joplin utilizes a card access system on the building entrances. Access cards are issued by SEM to first-year students free of charge during orientation week. Access cards also serve as student identification badges and, in accordance with the dress code, are required to be prominently displayed by students at all times above the waist, preferably in the upper torso region, and visible from the front. ID badges/access cards must be presented when requested by any member of KCU administration, staff or faculty.

Students are prohibited from transferring access cards to other individuals, allowing others to use their access cards or granting access to non-KCU personnel. Students are expected to keep their ID badges/access cards during their entire educational career at the University, but must return it to SEM upon termination of student status. Lost, stolen or misplaced badges must be reported promptly to SEM at ext. 0800 for deactivation. For all lost, stolen or misplaced ID badges/access cards, students can receive a free replacement at the dispatch desk in the SEM office, located at the northwest corner of the dining hall area.

Smoking/Tobacco Use

KCU is a tobacco-free campus.

Inclement Weather

The president and/or designee of the University may declare the University closed or delay opening due to inclement weather. In the event this should occur, a decision will be made no later than 7:00 a.m.

Electronic announcements will be sent via the RAVE Emergency Alert System and through email. If an announcement is not made regarding the closing or delayed opening of the University, students must assume that the University is open and attend class at regularly scheduled times.

Lost & Found

All lost and found items should be given to a KCU security officer. Security officers can be reached at ext. 0800. Inquiries for lost items can be made at the dispatch desk in the SEM office, located in the northwest corner of the dining hall area. All unclaimed articles will be disposed of after 90 days.

Motor Vehicles & Parking

The University makes parking available for employees and students. The University provides the north lot for student parking. Student parking choices are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are not allowed to park in areas marked reserved or visitor. Overnight parking is prohibited unless Security is notified in advance and the student receives permission to do so.

The speed limit on campus is five miles per hour. Pedestrians have the right of way. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. The University assumes no responsibility for articles left in vehicles, or for any loss by theft of any vehicle or part thereof, or for any damage which may be caused to any vehicle or part thereof, by fire, trespassers, visitors or other causes.


  • All students will be issued a parking permit from the dispatch desk in the SEM office, located in the northwest corner of the dining hall area.
  • Each individual will be responsible for completing an Application for Parking Permit for each vehicle the individual will be parking on campus. There is no charge for parking permits.
  • Parking permits must be displayed in the extreme lower right corner (passenger side) of the front window of the vehicle and must be visible from the outside of the vehicle.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters must also have permits, and all parking regulations apply.
  • Bicycles are to be parked in bike racks and are not allowed inside University buildings. Registration of bicycles is not required.
  • Temporary parking permits are available. The permit must be hung on the rearview mirror.
  • The registration of a vehicle does not enable KCU to guarantee that a parking space is available.


Parking regulations will be enforced; however, students are permitted to use staff or reserved parking spaces outside of business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday).

Tickets may be issued by members of the SEM department. Tickets are written on three-part NCR forms. The original (white) will be retained in the ticket book. The second (yellow) copy will be taken to the security dispatch desk within one hour of issuance (during the business day) or by noon the following business day if issued after hours on weekdays, weekends or holidays. The third (pink) copy will be placed carefully under the wiper blade of the vehicle in violation. If the operator of the vehicle arrives prior to placement of the ticket under the wiper blade, the ticket will be handed to the operator. No security officer shall accept money or other valuables either to fail to issue a ticket.

Any person using abusive, argumentative or threatening language toward any security officer who is performing his/her duties in accordance with these or any other University regulations will be referred to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action. There are no fine amounts associated with tickets issued by the security department. If a student ignores the warnings on a ticket and continues to violate parking rules, then the information will be forwarded to the vice provost for Enrollment and Student Services for resolution.

Tickets may be issued for the following reasons:

  • Blocking vehicle or driveway
  • Damaging KCU property
  • Double-parking, parking in loading zones, visitor spaces or other restricted areas
  • Driving or parking on grassy areas (unless grass areas are designated for use)
  • Failure to display KCU parking sticker
  • Failure to obey any other University, state or local regulation or law regarding appropriate vehicular operation or parking
  • Obstructing a fire lane
  • Operating vehicles in a reckless manner. Repeated offenses may result in suspension of campus parking privileges
  • Parking overnight or for an extended period without specific authorization
  • Parking in a no-parking zone
  • Parking in non-designated areas. This includes parking in visitor spaces and employee parking lots during regular business hours.

Appeals Process

  • Tickets may only be waived by the director of campus operations.
  • Appeals should be directed to the director of campus operations in a timely manner.

Animals on Campus

KCU is a learning environment and strives to have a distraction free environment for all students to attend lectures, labs and to study.

This policy does not apply to service animals which are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Only dogs are recognized as service animals under titles II and III of the ADA.

Animals are generally restricted from entering KCU buildings and courtyards. They are allowed on the outdoor spaces on campus but owners are expected to keep animals under control and on a leash. Students shall not tie an animal up on the outside of the building while they enter the building or leave animals unattended. Students shall not leave their pets in vehicles when temperatures would be unsafe. When pets are on campus the owner is expected to clean up after their pet.

Campus Contact Information

KCU-Joplin 417.208.0630  
Financial Aid 417.208.0664  
Financial Aid (Toll-free) 877.425.0247  
Security 417.208.0800  
Student Services 417.208.0700  
IT Helpdesk 816.654.7700  
Registrar 816.654.7190  
Switchboard 816.654.7000  
KCU Website www.kansascity.edu  
KCU Intranet intranet.kansascity.edu  

Building Hours & Services

Farber-McIntire Campus

7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., 7 days a week (except holidays)
Administration, faculty, and student services hours will typically be Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The cafeteria, campus store, and library hours will vary according to curriculum schedules and student demand. Student needs will dictate hours of operation for many areas of the campus and will be communicated to faculty, staff and students. KCU-Joplin may also implement summer and holiday hours.


Located on the second floor, north wing
Office of the Dean, Human Resources, Clinical Education, Marketing.


Located on the first floor, near the main entrance
7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Campus Store

Located on the first floor, near the main entrance
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday
Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The store offers apparel, supplies, and gifts. Additional KCU-branded apparel can be purchased online. Purchase of books is through an online bookseller.


Located on the second floor, central wing
Faculty offices, Fellows offices, Faculty support.

Fitness Facilities

Access to an off-campus fitness facility will be provided for all KCU-Joplin students.

Dawson Heritage Foundation Library

7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Saturday-Sunday

Books (print and electronic), study areas, computers, electronic periodicals, educational software, anatomical models. Special hours, such as holiday hours, are posted in advance in the Dawson Library and on the KCU intranet.


Located on the first floor
Lockers are available to students for personal use. Students will be assigned a locker and combination. Safety & Emergency Management has the authority to open any lock as needed.

Student Services

Located on the first floor, central wing
Assistant Vice Provost of Student Services - Room 1619
Finance, Financial Aid & Registrar - Room 1614
Learning Enhancement - Room 1607 & 1613
Student Activities - Room 1608
Counseling - Room 1616 & 1621

Support Staff

Located throughout the building
Security, Information Technology, Facilities.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

KCU is committed to creating and maintaining a community environment that respects individual needs, abilities, and potential. Gender-inclusive and family restrooms are available in the main hall, across from the Learning Studio, and in the Freeman Health System Wing.

Mothers’ Rooms

Mothers’ rooms are available on the first floor, across from student study rooms 1504 and 1506.

Use of Buildings for Student Activities

Any use of building space for organized student activities and/or events must be pre-approved by Student Services. Approval forms can be obtained online from the KCU intranet from within the Student Services department pages, in the Forms and Documents section.

Changes in building hours will occur from time to time as functions change. Students may be asked to prepare to leave certain areas 15 minutes before designated closing times. KCU may also implement summer and holiday hours.

Dawson Heritage Foundation Library

The mission of the Dawson Library is to provide a dynamic, learner-centered environment while serving the informational and research needs of the KCU community. Library staff is available to assist with access to information resources, library services and information literacy instruction.

The library offers:

  • Wireless internet access
  • Six large screen desktop computer stations
  • Furniture equipped with plug-in internet access and charging units for mobile devices
  • Variety of study carrels, tables, and pods
  • Special collections include medical and osteopathic materials, memorabilia and yearbooks
  • Large TV monitor highlighting student and faculty research, as well as the latest library and campus news.

The Dawson Library is housed in the Freeman Health System Wing. The wing includes the Felix E. Wright Family Chapel, one lounge area and an additional 10 small study rooms.

All required textbooks for the curriculum are placed on reserve and located in the Access Services area. The library also houses anatomical models.

The library offers assistance with research through consultations, literature searches and other research-centered services. Requests are accepted by phone, email, the library online chat service during regular business hours, mail or in person

The Medical Informatics instructional program offers classes designed to assist users in developing skills in research, information management and literacy and the knowledge necessary to access specific resources available in the library and through the website on or off campus.

Interlibrary Loan Service augments the holdings of the Dawson Library by providing access to other national and international collections. This service is available to KCU students, faculty, residents and staff without charge. Requests are accepted by phone, email, the library online chat service, mail or in person.

A variety of medical, biological, scientific, educational and informational online databases are available through the library website.

The website also offers:

  • The online catalog with options to search, place holds, and renew materials.
  • A Discovery Search tool for quickly searching all the library’s electronic databases, e-Journals, and e-Books.
  • Direct links to a variety of services, such as interlibrary loan and research.
  • Required textbook listings, some with direct e-book links.
  • E-book and e-journal links.
  • Board review materials.
  • Helpful mobile apps.
  • InfoGuides offering research assistance, various subject guides and other useful resources compiled by library staff.
  • Digital archives documenting the history of the University and osteopathic medicine.
  • Library policies.
  • Access to many other helpful resources.

New resources are reviewed and evaluated on a consistent basis in order to provide the most relevant and current information available.

Food and Drink in University Facilities

Students are individually responsible for all food and/or drink they bring into any University facility. Students are expected to adhere to all building, classroom and/or laboratory policies related to having food or drink in a particular area. Students are generally allowed to bring food and drink into classrooms during course periods. Storage of food in refrigerators provided for student use is allowed on a short-term basis only. Students are responsible for removing any food or drink they place in any of the University’s refrigerators. University faculty and staff reserve the right to remove and discard any food or drink left in said refrigerators. University faculty and staff also reserve the right to ban food or drink for any individual student or for an entire classroom when circumstances justify doing so.