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2022-2023 University Catalog & Student Handbook 
2022-2023 University Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Clinical Psychology, Advanced Standing Track (PsyD)

Advanced Standing

Students who have completed a master’s degree in psychology may be eligible to apply for the Advanced Standing track (AS). Students accepted into the Advanced Standing Track will not be eligible for courses specific to the geropsychology specialty offered by the PsyD program.

Transfer Credit Policy for AS

  1. Transferred course credits must be from a regionally accredited school and must have been at the graduate level.
  2. No more than 10 credit hours may be transferred.
  3. No credit hours for practicum will be transferred, however students must provide documentation of clinical practicum experience.
  4. Students must demonstrate completed course equivalency for all of the following:
    1. PSYD 104 - Psychopathology  or PSYD 107 - Ethical & Prof Issues in Psychology  
    2. PSYD 130 - Research Methodology I  
    3. PSYD 141 - Psych Development II: Adolescents-Adults  
    4. PSYD 162 - Clinical Appraisal & Interviewing  
    5. PSYD 202 - Development of Racial & Ethnic Identity  or PSYD 205 - Social & Cultural Bases of Behavior .
  5. The grade achieved in the completed course and documented in the student’s official transcript must be a “B” or better and the course must be taken within seven years of matriculation.
  6. The number of credits for a transfer course must be equal to or greater than the KCU course.
  7. The course content submitted for transfer must be an essential equivalent to the KCU course; equivalence is determined via a review of the syllabus.

Application Process

  1. The applicant must submit the application for AS no later than June 1 or six weeks prior to the start of the term whichever comes first. After the start of the fall semester, applications for AS will not be accepted.
  2. The applicant must submit a packet of materials to the Office of Admissions. The following must be included for consideration:
    1. Cover letter requesting advanced standing.
    2. Request for Transfer Credit form.
    3. Syllabi for each requested course must be supplied and must include the content of the course, instructor’s credentials, text, and course requirements.
  3. The Advanced Standing sub-committee will review the courses and the syllabi and make a recommendation to the Program Director. The sub-committee will seek consultation from KCU faculty teaching the course whenever necessary. The review will take place within one week of submission.
  4. The committee’s recommendation will be acted upon by the Education Committee. If the Program Director disagrees with the recommendation, he/she will state the disagreement in writing to the sub-committee within one week of receiving the recommendation.
  5. The student will receive written notification from the Office of Admissions of the final decision within three weeks of the initial submission.
  6. If the student is denied AS, he/she may file an appeal within two weeks of receipt of the decision. The appeal must be sent to the Office of Admissions. The dean of COB will then review and make a decision. The dean’s decision is final.

Curriculum Overview

Fourth Year

Graduation Requirements

A student who has fulfilled all the academic requirements of their program may be granted a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from KCU-COB provided the student has:

  1. Successfully completed at least three full-time academic years of graduate study (or the equivalent thereof) plus an internship prior to receiving the doctoral degree.
  2. Successfully completed two of the three academic training years (or the equivalent thereof) mentioned above within the program from which the doctoral degree is granted.
  3. Spent at least one year in full-time residence (or the equivalent thereof) at the same program.
  4. Successfully completed all curricular requirements within seven years.
  5. Complied with all legal and financial requirements of the University.
  6. Demonstrated the ethical, personal and professional qualities deemed necessary for the pursuit of a successful career in the psychological sciences.
  7. Attends, in person, the ceremony at which time the degree is conferred, unless excused by the dean of COB for extenuating circumstances.